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Why is community traveling better than a typical vacation?

In almost every case in education, we learn from a teach or a guide.  An experienced person willing to help guide you on the right course.  The same should be said for vacations and travel.  When you first get off the plane, there will be a flurry of bag checks and taxis.  Many people will be asking where you are going and how you are getting there.  Once you get going to your suggested destination you get off in a hotel with other travelers.  Not really too much going on.  You go out, but it is a Tuesday, and the city is asleep.

When you think about it, the majority of our vacation is spent traveling from spot to spot and wondering if or what we can do in the area.  If you travel to a community like the ones offered by Vida, you can blend right into a culture of events and experiences as soon as you land.


All best learning begins with a guide; be it a spark inside you, or a light that shines at you in the dark. -Michael Pope


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