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Villa MotMot – Shared Villa

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Room 1

Villa MotMot – Shared Villa

1 Queen Bed
Max of 2
Shared Common Areas
Yes, there's Wifi
3 pools available
24/7 On-site Security

About the Shared Dorm Spaces:

For those who want freedom, seek shared housing. It’s a light lifestyle! Our shared dorm space it’s the perfect choice for someone who is just passing along, wants to stay for some weeks or less, or its just curious about our community and wants to experience a few days of Resonance.

You will be staying in a villa, a modern style house with a porch and a small garden around it. It has two rooms, each of them is equipped with a queen bed and a spacious closet with a fan. There is plenty of space between the bedrooms, so you still get some privacy.

There are 2 bathrooms, so it gives you some nice space & privacy.  One master bath and the other bathroom is in the common area.

A modern kitchen, with all the basics home appliances, and the living room has a set of comfortable furniture and a dinner table for four, as well as a coffee table. The villa has big windows, fans and AC, so it’s always easy to get cool in the summer time, and the pool its right in front of you.


At Resonance, we don’t think of co-working as people getting together with their computers on. It’s about the exchange, and sharing ideas & strategies with others. Our community will get you in touch with people from different parts of the world; with distinct backgrounds and cultures.  This will only improve your ways of creating.
Here, if needed, you can create meetings to pitch your ideas and get feedback from other type of professionals. Even form alliances with others that share your ideas and interests to create actionable projects. You could make your project grow in ways you never imagined!

Work Exchangers:

If you are wondering how to spend your time and knowledge in valuable ways, in exchange for a caring community and nature loving place, then Resonance should be your next stop. Here, we offer multiple jobs for you that will fit your skills.
We appreciate what you can bring to our community, where you can interact with our residents, build art projects, teach, co-create, grow food, and plenty of other activities. Always in a respectful and fare environment.  If you would like to apply to our work exchange program, please fill out this application and we will schedule an interview with you within 2 weeks.