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About Vida By Resonance

Why Do We Care So Much?

We Are A Belief System.

We Are A Movement!

We Believe In Positive Impacts Resonating Global Change

When you are surrounded by mountains, the jungle, and the sea, it is easy to seek a change in the way we experience life. At Resonance, you can find multiple activities to reconnect with the Mother Earth and also give something back. We want you to be proactive on your day to day life by recycling, sowing and planting food, and doing beach cleanups to nurture everything that feels respectful to Her.

We Aim To Strengthen Local Community Building

We all are interconnected, and our community recognizes that we are part of a natural and social web of life. At our locations, that’s what sustains us, and our goals is to keep growing as a whole by sharing knowledge, caring for others, living in a healthy environment, and having fun.

We believe in the balance of Human & Eco systems

At Resonance, we don’t want to be a growing burden on the ecosystem. We are many individuals working together, finding the balance in our lives and in nature, through sustainable practices. This is the place to be if you want to get involve in a community willing to change the world!

The Vibration Behind Us

It is about how we relate to others,
and it depends on our intentions. At Resonance, we are building a pure and loving environment for ourselves and for those who are called to join in. We support our radical intuition, and the skills & understanding that come with it. That is our vibration. It is about keeping a consciously clear mind, which helps you to be aware in how you and others vibrate and resonate together.


Part of our plan, is to nurture a positive mind, keep a strong body and a healthy heart through spiritual and harmonious practices.

We are part of a peaceful and a self-organized community, constantly in motion, seeking ways to strength our relationship with the Earth and dour communities, and putting all of our efforts into creating a positive impact.

Between us there is an ongoing dance of endless vibrations, that’s how we connect!

Healthy Heart
Strong Body
Positive mind

Lots of Way To Visit & Live In Our Community:

Co-Living For Anyone

This is how you become part of the community and get to interact with complete strangers from day one. It will make you connect with other cultures and ways of thinking. At Resonance, you will have to share the life and the gardening work, and get involve in daily tasks related to your field of preference. There is something to learn every day!

Tropical Vacationers

There is no need to stay in crowed hotels anymore, when you can get to be in a dreamiest escape from your old norms, surrounded by a caring community, and in touch with nature & the spiritual self. Renting will provide you an extended experience of a new way of living, near the ocean and animal life.

Retreats & Adventures

If you are a wanderlust, always looking for new experiences that will definitely change your life, then come to us and be part of the ongoing retreats we have. Imagine yourself in our Morning Yoga Practice, or a Foreign Language Class; Deep Listening, Healing, Detox & Integration, Attune Up Retreat, and many more! You can also host your own event!

Do you feel a calling to community travel to Costa Rica?

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Reaching out to others is the first step to be part of our community! We have the time and desire to talk about our way of living, projects and how we resonate. Feel free to contact us for any doubt.

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